Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

It's not about cookouts. It's not about pools opening. It's not about Summer time. It's not about strawberry pie. It's about fallen heroes. It's about the lives its taken to keep our country safe and free. It's about the honour and love and respect they earned with their lives. It's about their sacrifice, and their families sacrifices.

To forget what this day is truly about, is to belittle and disrespect the sacrifice of thousands of men. It is to belittle the men and women currently serving and to make light of the hardships and struggles that went toward forming our country. Let's respect our military, let's respect our country, let's respect our heroes. They deserve it!

For any military families who have lost a family member who may read this, God bless you and comfort you!


P.S. feel free to comment! :) I allow anonymous comments on my blog! If you have someone you know currently serving, feel free to ask for prayer for their safety. I know how much you want them safe!

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Long time no post, I am aware! So some plans for this blog...

I'm not sure if I'm going to end up keeping it up. I may switch totally to "I Press On" which.. gives more clearly a feel of things that I  think and muse about rather than Ruth telling people what to do! haha This Week's Question is definitely on pause as I have not been able to think of any at the moment. Lots going on ;)

I'm working on Advanced Biology (getting an A! YAY) and Advanced Mathematics (getting an A YAY) Both of which are honours courses. Also I'm studying guitar... taking care of goats... writing music... reading Pilgrim's Progress (which by the way is a must read! this is my second time through it.. perhaps third!)

So there you have it! I am still on the planet. I have been living... I'm having a pretty good time! :) Hope you are, too!


Friday, May 8, 2015


I haven't posted in about two weeks! Wow! I've been pretty busy... Mom and dad wanted to talk to me about my aims with my blogs so that explains the silence! I've been missing blogging! (By the way, for a blog of only devotional things, check out my new blog!  I'm so excited to start that one! It's pretty much just a journal of what I learn etc as I do my devotions and what not! I hope it encourages you, too! I'm working on a pair of 18th c stays, getting ready for my college sisters to come home, taking care of animals, doing school, talking with friends, going to church.. Lots of stuff! Excitingly busy :P I took a photo shoot today of my two little bucklings! They are adorable!

Here they are!

Billy the Kid (also known as Snuggle-bug Wiggly Wiggams, Billy Boy, Charming Billy, Billy Blue-eyes, and Tucson Junior) 

Comanche (also known as Manchy-Nancy, Manchy, Sweety-pie, and My Manchy Nancy)

Here they are running after me ♥ so adorable!

They are adventurous :)

He's so sweet! 

They're squirmy and heavy... So I was holding him mostly on my side!

Another sweet one of Billy Boy! :) Paint on my hands... grrrrr

They're also extremely voracious 

They love roses.... I think I've rubbed off on them :D

...They don't like to stand still....

That has got to be THE CUTEST PICTURE EVER! ♥

And proud daddy... if you will recall last year I had a little baby buck named "Tucson Kid" This is him all grown up! 

That's the shoot! :D I had a blast doing it with them.. got covered in poison ivy (I'm not very allergic to it, thank goodness.. and I still have none! :D) My little babies are growing up! :*( Sooo sad (that I don't have to wake up at all hours of the night to feed them... they don't get sick as easily... they don't have to be fed but twice a day.. so sad right? :P) Tucson still loves me. When I walk by his pen with the bucklings... he looks up and goes.. "mrrrrr" like.. "What about me?!" LOL He's adorable! And he still comes and puts his head against my leg and just stands there. SO sweet! ♥

Well there you have it! Lots of fun! Hope you enjoyed seeing pics of my babies!


Sunday, April 19, 2015

What Am I Doing to Change the World

I wrote a post some time back entitled this. I said that all Christians are called to be worldchangers and to witness for Christ.

Well, one of my brothers brought to my attention that not everyone is called to go talk to unsaved people who do not ask about our faith. Paul says, "have a ready answer for when people ask about the hope that is in you". When they ask, not when we see them.

Also, my mom pointed out that our brothers are not unbelievers, brothers are believers. So when the Bible says "when you see your brother overtaken in a fault, confront him", it's talking about your brother, spiritual brothers, those who believe in Jesus and follow Him.

I hope I didn't cause confusion. I was not clear on this point myself. Not everyone is called to actively change the world. All we are all called to do is be good witnesses, through the way we live. "So that men may see your good works and glorify your Father Who is in Heaven."

I apologize for putting the wrong idea out there. I hope I've cleared it up!


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Thoughts: Neglect

So, I don't know if you've ever had this problem or been aware of it, but I have seen a lot of neglect in the Christian community.

Let's start with youth groups. Let's actually take a small youth group, with nobody that even acts up, and go there. So, we see the youth leader at the door. "Hey!" he says, "Good to see you this week!" You smile and say hey back. Then he tells you everybody's in the chapel. Cool, let's go see them. We walk in the chapel. There's the girls, Mary, Anna, Katy, Jodi, all in a group. They're talking away. Fun! The girls are talking! Let's go join. "Hey, Anna!" we greet them, very pleasantly with a smile that says, "I'm glad to see you today!" "Hey! I like your shirt." "Thanks, I got it at the thrift store for three dollars." "Really? Awesome!" Anna turns back into the circle without opening to make room for us.

Okay, guess they must be busy right now. Oh! There's John and David and- oh! Daniel came today, too! Let's go say hi! "Hey guys!" "Hey! I didn't see you in church this morning." "No, I couldn't make it. Didn't have a ride." "Oh. Okay. Oh, I know right, John? So true! hahaha" David turns around and closes us out of the circle too. Fine, I guess everybody's busy. Let's go be a wallflower. Maybe after a while somebody will come over to talk.

Tick tick tick tick tick. "Guys!" says the youth pastor, "Let's all grab a seat and stand to sing!"

We really did just go that entire time with nobody talking to us. Seriously. Now, maybe everybody was just busy this week. No. Every Sunday. Every time. Nobody is ever more than polite to us.

Don't believe me that it goes that way? Believe me. Apparently it all depends if you're in their "circles" or not . This is so wrong. Some kids are hungry for friendships and love. There's a reason that the church is described as a family. You know the, "brothers" and all? Do we really just go around all day only be barely polite to our siblings? This is neglecting one another and should not be done. It's hurtful. It makes people feel unloved and not wanted.

We need to remember to encourage, love, and support one another. We need to remember to reach out to those who may  not be so popular. We need to love more. Neglect is not right. God takes us, no matter how dweeby, dorky, or funny we are. We should accept each other as He does.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Lead Me to the Cross"

This is a song by Hillsong United (have I mentioned how much I love them???) and the words are as follows:

Savior I come
Quiet my soul remember
Redemption's hill
Where Your blood was spilled
For my ransom
Everything I once held dear
I count it all as lost

Lead me to the cross
Where Your love poured out
Bring me to my knees
Lord I lay me down
Rid me of myself
I belong to You
Lead me, lead me to the cross

You were as I
Tempted and trialed
The word became flesh
Bore my sin and death
Now you're risen

Everything I once held dear
I count it all as lost


To your heart
To your heart
Lead me to your heart
Lead me to your heart


I was singing part of it today and suddenly realized something. See the part "Bring me to my knees" in there? A lot of people sing this kind of lyric on Sundays or sing them because they like the song, and don't realize what being brought to their knees truly is. It really is when you're in a helpless place. When you're brought to your knees, there's nothing you can do. You just sit there and want to scream at somebody or punch something because you're so broken, you don't know what to do. You're so hurt you feel like there's nothing to be done. That is being brought to your knees. People sing these lyrics so lightly, and a lot of them, living their easy lives don't know what it actually means. Being brought to your knees is being so devastated that all you can do is say "Jesus!" over and over and over again. 

But that is the beauty of trusting and following Christ. When our world does fall apart, He is there to catch us as we begin to fall. He catches us and says, "No. You are more because you are Mine. You're more than this world that's falling apart. I have you. Be still and know that I am God." And when that happens, that is being brought to your knees. That is counting everything you held dear as lost. That is when you learn to lean completely on God. When everything around you gives way. "When all around, my soul gives way, my Anchor holds within the Veil!"

Being brought to our knees hurts, but it helps. There's a saying, "no pain, no gain." If we don't feel the pain of having our world fall apart, then we don't feel the beauty of leaning on Christ. I can say that I have been brought to my knees. I have felt my world falling apart, but I leaned on Christ, and He brought me back up and set me back down and said, "No. You're more than what's around you. You won't give in, because you are in Me." It is beautiful. I know from experience. It hurts, but it's beautiful. God has blessed me so much, and I think I can truly say I have been brought to my knees and praise God I have been stood back up through His mercy and love!


Monday, April 13, 2015

This Week's Question: What Does Love Look Like?

I've done a post on love and how it doesn't always mean romance etc. a few months ago. (Valentine's day) Today, though, I want to point out what love looks like.

Love isn't girls telling each other they look "so cute!" Love isn't giving people hugs. Love isn't seeing someone every day. Love isn't talking to someone all the time. Love isn't agreeing on everything. Love isn't never arguing.

Love is encouraging people. Love is, not seeing someone all the time, but still being close. Love is, not talking all the time, but being quieted and happy just knowing you're there. Love is, not agreeing on everything, but still loving and caring. Love is arguing, (even though we shouldn't because no one is perfect...) but being able to forgive. Love is being there for someone. Love is telling them "it's okay". Love is knowing, even without the person telling you, that they care, that they love you.

Believe me, I know this from experience. I have some awesome friends! :D They put up with my very many quirks ;) Because, believe it or not, I have many quirks about me :D

Well, I hope this helps you see what real love should look like! Forgiveness, support, encouragement, care, forgiveness.


Monday, April 6, 2015

This Week's Question: Do I Pray Enough for Myself?

I think the answer for me is "no". Sometimes we get so caught up in praying for our friends/family that we forget to pray for ourselves. I've been doing this a lot lately. And because I have been focusing on trying to help people I know, I've been paying less attention to bettering myself. Which, in case you weren't sure, is a recipe for disaster.

We can't get so busy helping other people that we stop paying attention to our own lives. We are supposed to be fighting the good fight ourselves, not just helping other people too. Doing it ourselves is going to help us to help others better. It's so important that we concentrate on our own spiritual lives as we concentrate on our friends/family's.

I get too caught up trying to help other people. I know I do. I need to remember that when I pray for my friends, I need to pray for myself, too. I need to ask God to help me be more like Him. As a matter of fact, I need to labour in prayer over myself, not just my friends I'm worried about. Because when we let our guard down (remember prayer is a guard) the devil jumps right in there. He wants us to forget. He wants us to focus on things other than our spirits.

Also, when we don't pray for ourselves, we're being unfair to our friends who are praying for us. It puts all the work on their shoulders instead of taking some of it ourselves!  That's not balanced, and everything we do should be balanced.

So my point.. we need to remember to pray for ourselves as well as our friends. The only way we can be effective, is to keep our own spiritual lives healthy and active!


Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter!

Hey! I already did an Easter post over at So I thought I'd just give you the link and say, Happy Easter!

Thank God for His merciful kindness toward us! He is gracious, forgiving, wonderful, and worthy to be praised!


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Thoughts: Friendship

Cause thoughts posts are fun, thought provoking (for me to write anyhow ;) ), and just random. :D And this blog is about randomness after all.

So for thoughts today, I thought I would do a post on friendships. You may want to grab a snack before sitting down to this lengthy discussion :) I've been learning a heck of a lot this year about friendships.

We'll go down the list shall we?

Number one would be that people change. They can change for better or for worse (one of the reasons that's in the marriage vows...) They can change for the benefit of your friendship or for the decline. You have to expect change. Nothing on earth is constant. Only God is constant, and that is why our hope is in Him. That's why we look forward to the day when we will stand in His courts, before His face and we'll sing to Him. Because He alone is constant and sure. You don't have to worry about God changing for the worse. That's why our faith is such an anchor in changing times, because it's something that stays constant.

Number two would be to give people time. Now by time I don't mean to give them of your time. I actually mean quite the opposite. I'm very good at giving people my time. I'm too good at it. I want them to tell me what they're doing, I want them to share what I've been doing, I want to open up to them, I want them to open up to me. And that's where the tension usually comes. Not everybody will want to open up to you right away. Some people take a while before they feel close enough to you to talk about things that affect them. This is especially true of quiet or shy people. They take longer to share their feelings. They don't want to tell you what's bothering them. They just tell you they're stressed and then when you ask say "nothing" or "I don't know" or "it's complicated" or "I don't think you'd understand". Well, maybe I wouldn't, but then again, maybe I would. I'd at least care! So really, whether they tell me or not doesn't make a difference for them. I'll say the same thing either way "It's alright. Don't stress. I'll pray about it for you. You've been praying about it right?" lol That sort of thing. So don't forget to give people time to open up to you. It makes a world of difference and means so much more when they do voluntarily.

Number three is encouragement. It's an important part of friendship. Encouragement can come through a lot of different forms. Sometimes we may not even realize that's what we're doing. By the way, the same can be said for discouragement, it comes in a lot of different forms and sometimes we don't realize that's what we're doing, so be careful. I'm not sure which of these I do more often. I think encouragement (wouldn't we all like to think that! lol) But really, I think I generally encourage people. That's my aim anyway. I have some friends that encourage me without even trying, so that's what my aim. Is to be like them!

Number four would be... Pull back. Sometimes people need you to pull back and give them space. They need time to live their own lives, if you know what I mean. People don't always want you around (except for me. I pretty much always want my friends around!)

Number five would be... Tell them how much they mean to you. I haven't in the past and when "friendships" dissolved, I sort of wondered if I had told them some things if they would have understood me better and wanted to keep being my friend. So I have taken to telling my friends how much they mean to me. It makes a difference. I like it a lot when people tell me that I mean a lot to them. It makes me happy :)

Alrighty. That was lengthy. It was important. It was hopefully thought provoking. Let's sum it all up in a paragraph if we can :)

People change and we need to expect that. Try to work with the way they change and encourage them to change in a positive way. Give people time to open up to you and to come to you. Don't always be the person that makes contact. Sometimes it makes a huge difference if you let the other person come to you. It also can make you feel special. Encourage your friends through difficulties and change. It shows what you're made of. If you give them good encouragement, then they'll see that and be like "oh yeah, she's really an encouragement." Pull back some and let your friends live their own lives. They're busy. They may not have as much time on their hands as you. Be considerate of their time frames. Tell them how much they mean to you. It means so much to you when your  friends tell you how much you mean. So do the same for your friends. It will really help your relationship.

So, I hope that helped you if you've been having trouble balancing or understanding your friendships etc. It's been hard for me to learn so I'm just putting it out there for you to read! Hopefully you learn by advice :)

On a side note, I now have an "About Me" page if you don't know me and want to see some random things about me. I had fun making it, I hope you enjoy reading it :)

Love and prayers,

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Girls' Meetup and Flowers

So.. last Thursday, my really sweet, really awesome, really fun girlfriends from Charlotte came up and paid me a visit!

Left to right is: Ann Marie, Yours truly, Theresa, Bascha, and Caroline

YAY! We had a blast. We made fans, we talked, we joked, we giggled, and we laughed (so much that Bascha's mom thought the glue fumes got to us! But we had the window open so it wasn't that)

Theresa looking very pretty :) Her fan is very period looking!

We went outside and we fed baby goats (Theresa insisted on staying indoors due to not wanting to get dirty! :O What kind of country girl are you Theresa?!)

Bascha with my adorable "Anthem"

Then we went back inside and worked on fans again.. giggled some more.. sang some.. played music.. generally talked about what we had been up to. We only get together like twice a year, so it's always an amazingly fun time when we do get together!

Left to right: Caroline, Ann Marie, Me, Bascha, and Theresa

We had such a fun time! It was rainy and chilly, but still definitely Spring! It was awesome!

Now, in the spirit of spring, I have some pictures for you!

Lots of fun and Spring. And now its homework hour so I have to go!


Monday, March 23, 2015

This Week's Question: Where Does My Strength Come From?

Well, more than likely, you know the answer to this one ;) "My strength comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and of earth."

But do we act like it? Do we freak out and lose control of ourselves when life isn't going easy or the way we want it to? I do sometimes, but nobody knows because I don't want them to. So in a way, I don't completely lose control of myself, I just give way to feelings for a while.

When life turns crazy and unexpected things/problems happen, the only way I can keep myself from losing it is to lean on Jesus. That's all anyone can do. This is not saying I have crazy emotional issues ;) Just if I didn't have Jesus to lean on, I'm sure I would! Because life is stressful. Life is heartache. Life is uncertain. Especially if you're a caring person, life is heartbreaking. I know.

Our hope, our lives, our focus, our hearts, our thoughts, our actions, need to be centered in our faith. In Jesus. In our hope to come. In God's will for us. In God's will for our friends and people we know. It's the only way you can submit to the things that happen in life. It's the only way to keep from losing it sometimes.

I've got a few really great songs I love on this subject that I want you to look up.

"Shoulders" by For King & Country (I have this music video on my G+)
"Busted Heart" by For King & Country (on my G+)
"Lord I Need You" by Matt Maher

and of course.. THE song... "You Never Let Go" by Matt Redman

Praise be to God, I have Jesus! Never get "used" to having Jesus or His forgiveness! It means so much, especially in hard times.

Love and prayers, God bless!


P.S. Don't forget to keep me in your prayers. Life's been crazy with people I know. It's hard. Thanks!

"Pray for one another" James 5:16

Saturday, March 21, 2015

How Far I've Gotten On My New Year's Resolutions

Shall we start from the top?

  1. Try not to talk peoples' ears off. I'd say I'm working on it. Getting better, obviously cause now my pastor's son doesn't hate talking to me! :D
  2. Think about what I'm saying. Is there a point, could it hurt someone's feelings? Getting better at this, too, though sometimes I still think a second too late :/ Thankfully I don't think I've hurt anyone's feelings yet. 
  3. Try to find out what on earth I'm doing/want to do with my life. I think I've narrowed it down to a general purpose. Encourage people. This looks like its consisting of a degree in nursing and possibly a minor in music. What I plan to do with that pretty much is help veterans and military personnel :D
  4. Practice singing a lot. I'd say I've done this! haha I've been writing songs, too, if you follow me on Google+ you may have seen my latest "You Will Be With Me" I'm currently working on a better recording and rewriting the chord progression.
  5. Get my hair healthy. I am proud to say that instead of being put at 0 on a scale of 1-10, I am now at a 5 :D
  6. Workout. Yeah I've been doing this too :D
  7. Sense when people want help, or need to talk about what they're going through. Yeah, this one has happened already. I've accomplished this one.
  8. Keep up with my "This Week's Question" series. Yup. As you can see! :D
  9. Finish my costume. It's finished folks!
  10. Bring my grades up. I actually am. YAY! lol As well as adding Advanced Biology which seems like I'm going to be able to do well in!
Maybe I should make a new list of resolutions? My quarter resolutions maybe! :D

  1. Learn the technicalities of music. I really need this for my songwriting.
  2. Write five songs (please remember this is for the next quarter of the year) good enough to send to my actual pro music friends lol
  3. Make a thousand dollars (personally) in fundraisers for my youth to go to camp! :D Can't wait this is going to be so fun! And really, I don't see how this is going to happen. But.. this is sort of a... I'm hoping God will help me make this much! Going to ask Him to! It's gonna be cool.
  4. Form a game plan for helping veterans in my area. I'm really hoping to do this soon.
  5. Get A's in my Advanced Biology and Advanced Mathematics!
Okay, I think that's good for a quarter? Three months? Yeah, I think I can do that! :D Have to be realistic with resolutions, you know ;)

Let me know what ya think!

Thursday, March 19, 2015


I heard this thing, I think it was a movie review? And the question was... "If you were on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence for you to be convicted?"         ........Just wow. I never thought of that before.

If I was on trial for my Christianity, would I be convicted? I think the answer for me is yes. I have openly stated so online, to friends, in public. Most of the things I do are related to my faith, so yes, I think I could be legally convicted.

Now let's switch that question. If you were faced with a penalty of death, would you deny your Christianity? Would you deny your Lord? the One who gave His own life for you? the One who you love because He first loved you? the only One to ever love you perfectly? Would you deny Him in fear?  I honestly do not know if I would. I definitely hope and pray I wouldn't. If it were by my own power, I know I would. But, God tells us that Jesus will strengthen us. He never lets us go if we are truly His. I think that is such a beautiful promise. It quiets me so many times when I'm scared because of things going on around me.

"I know that my Redeemer lives, and He shall stand at last on the earth; whom my eyes shall behold for myself, and not a stranger."

God be praised it isn't by our strength, but by God's perfect love for us! We aren't worthy, but He chose to show grace and mercy.

Love and prayers,

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

This Week's Question: Am I Showing Christ to the World?

First of all, I'm going to say that it is positively impossible to perfectly show Christ to the world. No human lives without sin, but Jesus. And Jesus only could because He was perfectly God and perfectly Man at the same time. So, let's first of all get ourselves a realistic idea of how to show Christ to the world.

We should want to show God to the world, so I won't even list that as the first necessary thing (which really is the first necessary part, but we'll assume you know that and want to do it! :) )

One of the first steps, is to admit that we aren't perfect. I've noticed that a lot of Christians seem like they want everybody to think they have their lives perfectly together and don't stress or anything. That's not realistic and by acting like that, some people are pushed away. Especially those who are really struggling with something. They come to somebody like that and the Christian is like, "Well, you know, I don't really stress about things yadayadayada" and the struggling person is just like.. "Wow I'll never be able to be like them. I guess I'll just hang it up." You know? I know I'd feel like that! So first of all, we need to be realistic.

Secondly, we need to realize that through God, we can be effective witnesses for Him. If we allow Him, and listen closely for His voice, God will work through us to show the part of Him that particular people need to see. Get what I'm saying? If we allow God to work through us, He will work through us in the way He needs us to for that particular person.

Thirdly, we need to, as my youth pastor says, walk the walk of death to sin. Which in essence means, we need to be constantly putting sin to death in our lives. I really need to work on that more ;)

Alrighty, so in conclusion, we need to; admit we are not perfect and don't have our lives in control, be sensitive to God's leading so He can use us in the most effective way, actively war against sin in ourselves so we can become more like Jesus.

Now for a little update :D I have started Honours Advanced Biology, it is very interesting. I like it, though I'm not one for mathematics and chemistry, I enjoy biology. I'm hoping I can get an A in it! Also, I took the SAT on Saturday, so we'll see how that turned out! (pretty sure I'll be marked down for spelling behavior as "behaviour" but whatever) I've redecorated my room, and I've been feeding baby goats, and enjoying this BEAUTIFUL spring weather!


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hillsong Church

It was recently brought to my attention that there was some confusion about Hillsong Church's doctrine. I want to publish what their pastor's actual statement was, in order to help them correct the error in the media. Here's a link to his actual statement, and here is the copy of his statement.

"Statement from Brian Houston - Senior Pastor, Hillsong Church
Re: recent media comments on homosexuality
I encourage people not to assume a media headline accurately represents what I said at a recent press conference.
Nowhere in my answer did I diminish biblical truth or suggest that I or Hillsong Church supported gay marriage. I challenge people to read what I actually said, rather than what was reported that I said. My personal view on the subject of homosexuality would line up with most traditionally held Christian views. I believe the writings of Paul are clear on this subject.
I was asked a question on how the church can stay relevant in the context of gay marriage being legal in the two states of the USA where we have campuses. My answer was simply an admission of reality – no more and no less. I explained that this struggle for relevance was vexing as we did not want to become ostracized by a world that needs Christ.
I made the point that public statements condemning people will place a barrier between the church and the world (and I note that Jesus came to save and not to condemn), which is why at Hillsong, we don’t want to reduce the real issues in people’s lives to a sound bite."

Monday, March 9, 2015

This Week's Question: Is My Friendliness Unfriendly?

..."But how can that be?!" you're probably asking. But.. well, it can be. Take it from me, I know! ;)

I am so friendly, that I inconsiderately don't think about how somebody else may not want to talk/hang as much as me. Being inconsiderate of others, is unloving; even if that inconsiderateness is caused by a want to be with someone.

I am personally aware of this. More than once I have been overpoweringly into talking to someone and it fries their circuits. Big time! Not everybody likes to talk as much as me. Some people dont like to talk as much as me, and I should be considerate of that because love thinks of other people, not just myself.

I've always loved socializing. Strange that I can be so shy when I first meet people, or am around strange people.

I need to find a balance. Everything in life should be balanced (Read Ecclesiastes for further knowledge on this subject!) including my talking. I need to figure out what is a good time, and what is overdone, and what is too little. I'm working on it!

Thankfully for me, I have some very loving friends! :) They're putting up with me while I figure it all out. I thank God continually for my sweet friends! They're all wonderful, loving, caring, patient, and best of all, Christians! So we really are more than just friends, we're siblings!


P.S. Sorry I didn't have a direct Bible passage for this week's question, but I wanted to mention this cause it is an issue for me, and I'm sure for other talkative/sociable/outgoing people.

Friday, March 6, 2015

A Poem and a Prayer

Awake my soul and sing,
to Christ my Lord and King.
He overcame the grave,
a chosen inheritance to save.
He is my shield, my all,
He is my Helper when I fall.
Awake my God and hear my cry,
Awaken, Lord and dry my eyes.
Wipe every tear away,
draw me near and say,
You will never leave me.
Oh hold my soul, let fear in me recede.
God is my Rock and my Foundation,
the holder of the world, and King of all the nations.



Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Because I love doing thoughts posts, and because I've already done a "This week's question" and because it would be extremely hard to turn this into a question.

"The harvest is ready, but the labourers are few."

This verse means a lot to me, because I come in contact with a lot of people who aren't saved. Some of you are probably saying, "Wait, what?!" right now, but it's a fact. I always seem to hurt for them because I really don't like to think of anybody going to hell. I mean, why should I not go, and the next guy does?

In consequence of this, I find that I really really like to tell people about God. Still, I always feel like I'm not doing enough, and when someone doesn't want to hear about it, it makes me very sad. I wasn't always this way. As a matter of fact, there was a point in time when I didn't really want to talk about how I was a Christian. To be completely honest, the fear of man laid a snare for me. I didn't want people to not like me because I was a Christian.

I'm not sure exactly when the change came, but I realized that I wanted to tell people about Jesus. I think it was just realizing how many desperate, sad, depressed, lonely people there are in the world. You kinda hear stories, you know? So I started praying to God that He would use me to bring people to Him.

"Pray therefore to the Lord of the harvest, that He send out labourers."

You can't really pray that prayer and not be willing to be one of the labourers yourself. (By the way, this is the end of Matthew 9, if you want to read the actual verses. I may not be quoting word for word) If God calls you to do something, and really, everyone is called to share the Good News, then you had better do it!

We are all called to be labourers for the harvest. Why are there so few of us? In regard to missions, my pastor always says, "You are either a sender, or a goer, there is no alternative except disobedience."

I don't want to disobey God.

I will be a sender, and a goer. I can be a missionary to those around me, and I can help encourage and support our missionaries who are out in foreign places, too.

I hope this made you think.


Monday, March 2, 2015

This Week's Question: Am I Helping Those Who Are Weaker?

So, in case you didn't know, I've become a co-authoress on a potentially extremely interesting/crazy/awesome blog.. Girls Living For God's Glory  It's going to be a sort of fashion/talks/random blog.

I've chosen to keep out of the fashion aspect of it. Why? Here's where I tie in this week's question.

I happen to be more liberal than a lot of girls who are concerned about modesty. Don't get me wrong, modesty is a huge aspect of my life! Not to mention a great trial to me... I absolutely hate buying a shirt and getting it home just to find that it is waaay too see-through. Or.. to buy a pair of pants and find out they are way too tight! However, I feel comfortable in some things I know some girls wouldn't. For instance, I wear jeans. Not loose fitting jeans, but not skin tight either. I don't always completely cover my hips, because I don't feel it's necessary for me. A lot of girls I know always completely cover their hips if they wear pants. Or, I may feel comfortable in a skirt a little above knee-length, while another girl might not.

This is why I have chosen to keep off of modesty topics on our new blog. I'm pretty sure I'm the oldest writer, and the others being younger than me, I don't want to make them question what their parents have decided, or to make them feel I am not modest. I want to be a good example. Paul put it very well when he said, (and though he is speaking about food and drink, I believe it carries over to other things not clearly stated in the New Testament, as well) "I know and am convinced by the Lord Jesus that there is nothing unclean of itself; but to him who considers anything to be unclean, to him it is unclean.... Yet if your brother is grieved because of your food, you are no longer walking in love. Do not destroy with your food the one for whom Christ died." (Romans 14:14-17)

Like I said, I believe this passage can be opened up to mean anything not clearly laid out in the New Testament. For instance, modesty. Modesty is never laid out with.. "how long can my skirt be" "How tight can my pants be" Matter of fact, pants didn't even exist back then. All the Bible ever clearly states, is that we are not to put a stumbling block before each other (see verses right before the passage I just typed), and that we are not to appear as harlots.

I have to say, sometimes I reeeally wish it was spelled out clearly in the Bible, but I guess it's one of those things everybody has to figure out for themselves. Some things are flat out immodest, while others are.. meh on you it's alright.

So, in order that I not make anyone question their modesty parameters laid out by their parents, I will abstain from posting any fashion posts on our new blog :) Not a huge issue for me anyway, because I'm not that crazy about fashion posts anyway. I love when other girls do them, for me.. I don't know, not that interesting!

To sum up... I should always go the road that will be a good example to others. I should, when in company of people I know do not feel comfortable with some things, do things their way, even if it puts me out. That is love.

I hope this post made sense... :D I never know if they do until you guys comment! SO.. leave lots of comments!

Love and prayers,

Monday, February 23, 2015

This Week's Question: Why Do I Feel God Is Not Enough?

This is a pretty personal question actually. I know I feel like I need something right in front of me a lot! I don't know if it's because I'm human (I think that's part of it) or if it is Satan trying to find a door into me. Sometimes, I just want somebody about my age, that loves to talk, wants to hang with me, lives nearby, or at least has tons of time to message me! Sometimes God's care and love doesn't feel enough. That is human, but Satan can take advantage of it, which is what is hard about it.

So when I feel like that, I try to remind myself that God is all I really need, and I have an awesome family, and an awesome mentor, and pastor! I mean.. I don't need anything else! I am surrounded by love! I even have great friends (though they all live at least an hour away! haha)

So really, there is no reason for me to ever feel like that, because God promises to supply us all our needs! Isn't that an awesome promise? And hey, he's been sending people into/back into my life in the last few weeks, which is totally awesome! And it's always right when I need them! It's beautiful to see it all work out!

God is so good! Never turn away from Him!


P.S. goats are doing well, I'm doing well! Thanks for praying for me! Your prayers are always appreciated!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Prayer Date

I think I'm going to end up doing a post every day this week! WOW! Alrighty so, I'm arranging another prayer date for this Friday (February 20th) at 8 p.m. EST. Again, it is for the persecuted church, but this time I would also like to draw attention to world leaders, military personnel, and missions. They all need strength, wisdom, judgement, and protection right now, and a lot of each.

Also, I want to ask you to pray for those doing the persecuting. They need forgiveness and love. This is kind of hard for me because I cannot stand to see people mistreating others. I can stand it for myself, but not for others. So this is a challenge for me, I'm sure for some of you it is, too.

Let's do this! Comment and let me know if you'll be joining us in spirit!


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Motherhood Post

Once more, I enter the season of life of having to get up every two hours in the morning due to a little baby's cry for milk... motherhood once more! It has its ups and its downs... the ups.. I have a beautiful little kid to take care of and fawn over, the downs, I lose a lot of sleep, especially when she starts crying and she wasn't even hungry, just fussy! Fortunately for me, when I'm that tired, I can wake up for a few minutes, and then fall right back to sleep when I go back to bed. Still, when I woke up this morning, I was very, very tired. I took an hour long nap after she went back to sleep, so that helped.

Now, all the people that know me and read this blog are asking.. "What the heck is she talking about?!"

I'm not an actual mother, and I certainly hope you knew that... But... Our goats are beginning to kid, and I have already, one adopted kid. Her mother abandoned her so I have taken up bottle feeding her, and it's fun! Only problem is, it's like a human baby and wakes up at all hours like I just described!

Her name is "Anthem" and she comes out of  "Melody" and "Buster". This is the same doe that abandoned my last two babies. Anthem is black with a white crescent moon on her forehead, white flecking over her shoulders, and four brown socks on her feet! :) She is so sweet, and her facial structure is just like her older sisters. She is adorable! I love feeding her, and even though it means more work, I'm glad I have a foster baby again this year! I told my mom that by the time I get married, Lord willing, I'll have motherhood down like a pro ;)

So yes, this is entering a busy season in life, I am mothering kids... I am sewing for the homeschool ball in Charlotte, I am... writing... singing.. guitar playing... and hanging a lot with some people I know online, trying to encourage them to seek God, so.. Lots to pray about if you want to know what to pray for me! :) I'd appreciate it a lot! The hardest part is going to be staying patient with all this... I mean.. kidding season can get quite hectic! Especially with everybody trying to keep an eye on everything! So patience.. patience and love. Two of the most important things, and I'll have a lot of opportunity to practice both, I'm sure!

Love and prayers!

P.S. also, I'm trying to get my devotional times down to at least twice a day instead of reading my twenty-five minutes in the morning and then reading a bit at night and praying briefly. I want to remember to have devotions twice during the day, so lots of things going on! Your prayers are appreciated, and as ever, feel free to send me your prayer requests!

Monday, February 16, 2015

This Week's Thought: What is Real Love?

Sort of a Valentine's Day question :D My brother and I had a really awesome discussion, I believe Friday night, about what real love is, and what people have skewed love into.

I've been noticing that a lot of people don't have a clue what kind of love they should be looking for in their relationships, whether romantic or not. Like some people think that because they really care a lot about someone of the opposite sex, that they must be in love, which is not necessarily true. I care a lot about a lot of boys, and I'm not in love with them. Or, they think that they could never possibly marry someone they were not positively obsessed with, which is also not true.

The person you should marry, is your best friend. You should be able to rely on your spouse better than anyone else. That being said, this was not meant to turn into a marriage counseling session. Just thought I'd put it out there because it's one of the points my brother and I were agreeing on like... what the heck do people think. Anyway....

In friendships, you should love your friend. You should care about them. You should care about them deeply. You should give up for them, encourage them, support them, tell them when they do wrong, and be patient with them. I've noticed a lot of this due to having different relationships with people recently. It doesn't matter how many times you argue, how many times you disagree, or how many times you irritate somebody. If they really are your friend, and you really are theirs, you can reach some form of agreement, because "love covers a multitude of sin". And friendships, are love. Love is not only for romance. Love is for friendships.

Which brings me to another point. I hate how people think guys are gay if they say they love each other. That is totally stupid. I mean, girls can say, "I love you baby. I love you doll. I love you, honey. I love you, darling. I love you, angel." and somehow or other, if I guy says, "I love you" to a guy he's not related to, everybody freaks out. Like, why is it? I don't understand it. It just doesn't make sense to me.

So.... the point in this long rant is that, love does not always mean romance, romance is not always you are head over heels, and that guys need to be able to say, "I love you" to each other without people jumping at their throats :D

Make sense? :D Most random rant, I'm sure :D

Love and prayers, Happy Family Day, Happy President's Day, and Happy Washington's Birthday! :D Look 'em up if you don't believe it's all those things today :)


By the way, read ICorinthians Chapter 13 for a rundown on what love looks like :D

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day

So I realize that this is a day late, but I got involved yesterday with some online friends and didn't get a chance to write this like I was planning to! :O

I had a very nice Valentine's day, single little me! :) You know, for the last few years I had always been kind of disappointed I didn't have anyone on Valentine's day, but this year, I was like.. "I really do not care!" Said "Happy Valentine's Day" to my friends and we had a blast. It was great.

I hope you had a great day. I really don't know what on earth else to write! But it's given me inspiration for a "This Week's Thought" for tomorrow!


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Random: I want to write.. but I don't know what to write about...

Yeah finally something actually random on this supposedly random blog. I feel like I want to write, but I don't know what to write. Maybe I didn't get my 50,000 words in today (yes I'm aware its not typically 50,000 but for me it is :D).

I sort of want to write something somehow military related.. I don't know why. So this post is going to end up being about caring for veterans because..

About three months ago, maybe four, my youth group packed hygiene kits for the homeless. The lady that organized it is Mary Yonjof, one of our youth leader's moms. She's involved with caring for homeless people etc., and knows a lot about the Guilford County situation in particular. You can Google her. So a video thing they had done to give us a little background about it, gave some statistics about the number of homeless people. Did you know there are over 400 homeless veterans in Guilford County alone? I have to say, every time I saw that video, I got mad. Veterans have given at least four years of their lives to being willing to be told what they can do when, being kept away from their loved ones, and sometimes having their lives endangered, to help defend our freedom and the freedom of people all over the world. Why is something not being done to help these men and women? There are only four total veterans' homes in North Carolina, and I don't understand why that is. Mrs. Yonjof told me it was because there is not enough public interest in veterans, and that burns me up. I mean, how would you like to be willing to endanger your life for millions of people and then as soon as your enlistment is up, to be tossed aside and forgotten? No, our veterans deserve much better than that! I can't believe that the people of North Carolina do not come together to petition the authorization of another veterans' home for our returned troops. I don't actually know how one would go about doing this... but I think it needs to be done. Guilford county should have a veterans' home. Why not a veterans' home serving the neighbouring counties as well? Why couldn't we have one? Because people don't care. That's why we don't have one. I think people should care. I think we should love our veterans and respect them for their self-sacrifice. I have family members and friends in the military. I don't want them to maybe be disabled someday and come home and there not be a service available for them! I think something should be done about it. I'm young.. not sure if I can even legally petition for something, but I care, and if I knew how to go about it, I would!

So this was random like I said... a rant because I'm burned up about the lack of care given to Guilford County's veterans. I hope you look it up and see, because it's a matter that needs attention!

Comment and let me know if you agree!


God bless our troops!

Monday, February 9, 2015

This Week's Question: Where Is My Focus?

So... for a start.. My prayer/thoughts last week were answered! :O I shared with a person I knew that I was a Christian and helped him to realize that he hadn't lost his faith! It was so cool! I was so thrilled and he was so pumped! So yeah. That was awesome!

Now for this week's question. Where is my focus? I focus on a lot of things that aren't God, but I need to remind myself that my ultimate focus should be God. A lot of girls, including me, look forward to the day when they will have a family to care for and nurture. If you're a guy, you may look forward to leading your family and having the love and security that your own family affords. But even when we do look forward to these things, our ultimate goal when we do have a family, should be to honour God and to train up witnesses for Him, right? Part of our excitement for having a family should be that. Thankfully, part of my excitement always has been having an awesome Christian family and relationship that can be an example, like my awesome mentor's family! I love their family and they always are such a good example to me it's awesome!

So through all we do, let us fix our eyes on God, eh? :) It's what we are called to, what we were made to do, and what we should be doing!

That reminds me of a song! Go listen to "Fix My Eyes" by For King and Country. Love them!

Love and prayers,

Monday, February 2, 2015

Blog Award!

So I've been awarded by the really sweet Ashley over at for a umm "You Are Amazing and So is Your Blog" award and also the "Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award"! So happy to get awards! LOL

So the questions are in bold and the answers are regular :D

1. What is your favourite place to shop?
Ummmm probably... ULTA. And a random fact along with that... I love men's cologne and I just go down the men's aisle smelling the cologne. Okay next question! lol

2. What's your favourite thing to eat?

3. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
I'm not exactly sure. Ireland? Any US military base too! lol

4. Do you like writing letters or emails best?
letters by far.

5. Do you have a favourite game? If so what is it?
Ummm.... probably capture the flag! or trainwreck

6. What is your favourite activity to do with your family?
watch hockey..... Preferably my bro's team

7. Are you musical? If so what instruments do you play?
Yes. Guitar and I like to sing

8. What was the last thing you memorized?
No clue. I memorize some stuff seeing it once so I wouldn't know.

9. What's your favourite book of the Bible and why?
not sure. Probably Psalms because it is so beautiful.

10. What do you want to do when you grow up?
Have a family lol :P

11. What are some of your hobbies?
Writing. Sewing. Music.

12. Do you like doing different hairdos with your hair?
depends sometimes yes, sometimes no. lol

So there you have it. Lots of fun. I'm not sure who I want to pass it on to! :O Oh wait.. I do!

Theresa Marie at

Love! And the same questions to you Theresa! :D

This Week's Question: Am I Witnessing?

Alright so I recently realized that I don't really tell people about Christ barely ever. Granted, most of my friends are Christians, but I know a few people who aren't. On the weekends, I sometimes play computer games, and I know some people online who are not Christians. Sometimes they're depressed... and I suddenly realized that I never really tell people that aren't Christians that I'm a Christian. That's kinda.. not the right way. It isn't the right way.

In one of the prophets (I believe Ezekiel) God says to him that he (the prophet) will be held responsible for the Jews that don't turn back to God, if he doesn't speak God's word to them. Then God goes on to say that if the prophet does speak God's word, he won't be responsible for the people that don't turn to God. Jesus said something rather connected. He said, "The harvest is great but the laborers are few. Pray therefore to the Lord of the harvest that He send out laborers." In other words, there are lots of people who are being made ready to receive the gospel, but we need people to bring the gospel to them. Should we pray to God to send laborers and then not be willing to be laborers ourselves? Shouldn't we try to be good laborers so that we are helping further God's kingdom as well? I've resolved that the next time somebody is in trouble and wants to talk and/or asks me why I'm always so happy and hopeful, that I will tell them the reason for my hope, because it's an awesome reason!

I hope this made sense... Wrote it spur of the moment as usual :D

Love and prayers!


As usual, you can contact me on here or via my google email (It is an alias so don't freak at the difference in names) If you have a prayer request you want anyone to pray for, feel free to post a comment. If it's something personal and you just feel as if you need someone you don't know but that cares about what you're going through, feel free to email me privately. I love to pray for people and everything that is told me in confidence will be kept private!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lots to Catch Up On

So... for starters... I saw a lot of people liked my post about songs to learn, but no one gave ideas... hehehe That's too bad cause I still need some ideas guys!

Alright now, sorry for the radio silence, got myself grounded :( lol but I'm back now.

Thirdly, I need to catch up on this week's questions, however, I will wait till Monday to do that post (tomorrow).

Fourthly. I had such an AWESOME TIME YESTERDAY in Charlotte! Two of my REALLY sweet friends came to some Hockey games my brother was playing (If you want to know their team its the GYHA Stars 18U AA Travel)! We had a blast! We ate at Panera, we jabbered our heads off, we yelled, we laughed, we joked, and we had an all around good time! It was awesome seeing you, Theresa! and you too, Caroline! We had such a good time we will always remember it, I'm sure! lol

Fifthly.. I have finished my costume for the Annual Charlotte Homeschool Ball, and I won't be posting pictures because we girls have sworn secrecy... so you can't see it till some time in April :( Sorry! lol

Sixthly, I've still been writing.. I was down with the flu for two weeks! :O But I've gotten better now ;)

Seventh, I still need ideas for songs people! lol Also, if you have random questions you want to ask me, feel free to randomly ask them on these random comments on this random blog ;) Everything on here is random and spur of the moment. Most posts I take only twenty minutes at most preparing! So... any questions you want asked, feel free to ask! :D

Love and prayers,

Monday, January 12, 2015

Just Random

So other than not remembering what song it is that I recently found out I really like... I've also forgotten every line to a song we sang at Church on Sunday! lol (I really liked that song, too, by the way...)

Other than that, though, life's been pretty good. It was awesome to get a chance to go to Church and 2Twenty2 (my youth group) yesterday! :D

We interrupt this message to announce... I remembered the song!!!!!! It's "Just Be Held" by Casting Crowns.. really nice song

I got to catch up with some people from Church, which was definitely awesome! (Catch up for me pretty much means.. "Oh they're here! Awesome!") But hey, that's what really caring and loving people is right? Just seeing them is awesome? I think so! :D

Sewing update includes.. I think I've figured out sleeves for my costume.... however I will have to sew the other one on before I know, and that just isn't going to happen soon cause my room is torn up. My two sisters just went up to college so some rooms were swapped and now my closet's getting a much needed makeover. No room in my "room"... :/

I'm starting back in writing some stuff.. I realize I am in the middle of like five books right now... but I'm writing a new book (that really is a plot/started from like two years ago) about a Confederate guerrilla band in the Civil War. I'm also supposedly working on a 1910's storyline.. as well as a 1930's mock of Nancy Drew. So we'll see how far that goes.

Music wise, I'm trying to find some songs to learn still. I've got "Jesus Paid it All" by Christ Tomlin, "May It Be" which I found out is a Lord of the Rings song.. Never seen any of the movies. "Lucky" by Jason Mraz, and "Star of the County Down" as a maybe.. it's an Irish traditional song :D I still need ideas! Lemme know! :D

One of my goals for 2015 (I do realize I made a post on resolutions :P) is to get into the habit of spending random time with my Bible and prayer list. Cause right now, we have a scheduled time in the day we have to read, but I want to be doing it even when I don't "have" to, you know? I feel like it'll be a good habit to get into so.. that's that.

I'm also reading "The Eloquent President" can't remember right now who wrote it, but it's pretty good. It's about Lincoln's speeches. Then I'm trying to write an essay entitled, "The American Civil War: Nation Building or Destruction?" Which, in true fashion, I will probably turn into a mini history book....................... I know.. I know...

Well that's that! :D

Love and prayers,


Thursday, January 8, 2015

This Week's Question: What Can Faith Do?

This is very late, and I realize that :/ However, "better late than never". Question is inspired by Kutless (LOVE THAT BAND) "What Faith Can Do". Awesome song, by the way, go listen to it :)

Recently I read a book by "Brother Andrew" called "Secret Believers". It's about Christian believers over in Islamic countries. Obviously, he did not give actual names or places... that would be too dangerous, but the stories are real, and they're sad. They're inhumane, they're (in my case) angering, and they're inspiring! Basically it's telling how there are some radical moslems that really mistreat people of other religions, not only Christians, either!

My reactions to the book were... man did I really want to read that? Radical Islam is really EVIL! Those Christians over there are really strong! Could I do that if I were in their shoes? and.. anger toward people that persecute our brothers and sisters. Looking back now on those reactions I'm figuring that, yes I not only wanted to, but needed to read it. Yes, radical Islam is very evil! Yup, those Christians are very strong. Yes, because Jesus would help me be strong. and... I'm still called to be forgiving.

Right now there is a lot of anger and hatred toward Moslems, especially terrorist Moslems. But did Jesus hate the Jews and the Romans when they tortured, persecuted, and killed Him? No. He said, "Father forgive them, they know not what they do." and what do we see? His prayer was answered immediately. The centurion was saved directly after Jesus' death. "Truly, this was the son of God!" He acknowledged Jesus as Lord! Jesus' faith in His Father's promises saved that centurion, and us too, really! :)

The Bible says when God looks on us, and listens to us, He is looking on, and listening to Jesus, because Jesus makes intercession for us. Faith can do anything. Faith can bring us from darkness to light, from death to life, from sin to righteousness, from hell to heaven, from hate to love, from anger to peace, from condemnation to forgiveness, from satan to God. Why don't we pray for these miracles? Is our faith too small? Paul writes that "To God, who is able to do far more than you ask". He can do more than delivering our brothers and sisters, He can forgive their persecutors as well! Jesus doesn't hate people, He hates sin. If we turn from our sin to Him, He immediately accepts us! Why don't we pray for terrorists of all types, Moslem or otherwise!

A few months? weeks? ago, I tried to organize a prayer night.. not sure how many people actually took part, and I actually fell asleep for part of it.. (no better than the original apostles I'm afraid!) But you know, persecution wasn't as real to me then as it is now. I mean, that book really gets you into how this goes, and it's scary, horrific, violent, and sad.

So.. the point? Faith can do ANYTHING! Forgiveness is called for! There is forgiveness, no matter what you've done! and last of all, I love everyone! Jesus loves you and you've hurt Him, spurned Him, and sinned against Him more than you ever could against me! I have no right to hold anger and hatred against anyone when I have been forgiven so many things and kept from doing others that I would have regretted!

Love and prayers,

P.S. If you're interested in another prayer night, feel free to comment and let me know! :) Oh, and side note, if you're under sixteen, I do not recommend reading "Secret Believers".