Friday, May 8, 2015


I haven't posted in about two weeks! Wow! I've been pretty busy... Mom and dad wanted to talk to me about my aims with my blogs so that explains the silence! I've been missing blogging! (By the way, for a blog of only devotional things, check out my new blog!  I'm so excited to start that one! It's pretty much just a journal of what I learn etc as I do my devotions and what not! I hope it encourages you, too! I'm working on a pair of 18th c stays, getting ready for my college sisters to come home, taking care of animals, doing school, talking with friends, going to church.. Lots of stuff! Excitingly busy :P I took a photo shoot today of my two little bucklings! They are adorable!

Here they are!

Billy the Kid (also known as Snuggle-bug Wiggly Wiggams, Billy Boy, Charming Billy, Billy Blue-eyes, and Tucson Junior) 

Comanche (also known as Manchy-Nancy, Manchy, Sweety-pie, and My Manchy Nancy)

Here they are running after me ♥ so adorable!

They are adventurous :)

He's so sweet! 

They're squirmy and heavy... So I was holding him mostly on my side!

Another sweet one of Billy Boy! :) Paint on my hands... grrrrr

They're also extremely voracious 

They love roses.... I think I've rubbed off on them :D

...They don't like to stand still....

That has got to be THE CUTEST PICTURE EVER! ♥

And proud daddy... if you will recall last year I had a little baby buck named "Tucson Kid" This is him all grown up! 

That's the shoot! :D I had a blast doing it with them.. got covered in poison ivy (I'm not very allergic to it, thank goodness.. and I still have none! :D) My little babies are growing up! :*( Sooo sad (that I don't have to wake up at all hours of the night to feed them... they don't get sick as easily... they don't have to be fed but twice a day.. so sad right? :P) Tucson still loves me. When I walk by his pen with the bucklings... he looks up and goes.. "mrrrrr" like.. "What about me?!" LOL He's adorable! And he still comes and puts his head against my leg and just stands there. SO sweet! ♥

Well there you have it! Lots of fun! Hope you enjoyed seeing pics of my babies!



  1. So adorable! I love goats :)

    1. They are the cutest little buttons! :D