Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Alright, so recent events have made me realize that I need to encourage people more, and could use more encouragement myself! :) (I think everyone can use more encouragement)

So a little post about my random ramblings on about encouragement ;) (I want to promise this won't become an essay but i really don't know for sure ;) )

Encouragement- something that makes someone more determined, hopeful or confident (from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary)

I don't think we (and I know I'm assuming a TON about anyone reading this post) usually realize how much just a nice word like, "hey, I like your shirt" or "Hey, it's so good to see you!" can mean to people. I know I always feel special and happy when someone takes the time to notice me.

That being said, I realized I am waaay too not like that! haha I usually tease the life out of people (suddenly realized there are some friends I have that I have NEVER complimented :O) Not that I don't THINK the compliments, just I never think to SAY them.

Christians are in a constant battle against temptation. We need to be encouraged, which is why the Bible tells us to, "Encourage one another and build each other up" Our generation rising up now is the one that will make a difference in the world. We need to decide to make a positive, encouraging difference, not keep it the same, and not make it worse. We need to be a force for good. We need to take time out of our daily lives to encourage one another, help each other out with things we may be going through, and to notice each other more. This life is not about us. It's about God and how we can best show His love to those around us.

There are many people who feel alone, left out, unloved, un-cared for, hopeless, and lost. We need to (let me quote Tenth Avenue North's lead singer Mike Donehey) "come off of our islands and into fellowship with one another" (okay I think that's a quote haha it's basically what he says though even if it isn't) So I want to encourage you, to encourage those you know, those you randomly meet in a store, by being friendly, loving, caring and helpful. Let's come off our islands and help each other make a beautiful Cathedral! :D (yeah more Tenth Avenue North, but seriously they are so gifted!)

You can do this!


Friday, September 12, 2014

Random... You guessed! Ramblings!

So I've been watching The Monkees a bit lately, and a line in their theme song made me think. It says, "We're the young generation, and we've got something to say" (yes I'm aware this is a strange place to pull what I'm about to say out of :P)

But that line struck me that we (meaning us teenagers now) are the young generation, and we should have something to say. I have something to say..... and we Christians should all have the same thing to say- that Jesus came and loved us so much that He died for us and then rose again so that we could have everlasting life.

My point is we need to remember to be examples, to speak the truth, and to reach out to people. Christians cannot stay in their little zone of safety within their Christian friends and Church people. (Yeah, I myself need to try to do this more) We can't be afraid to speak out in truth and love. We are called to be brave in Christ and we need to take the challenge and run with it. We cannot stay silent we have to be a voice crying in the wilderness of sin and despair.

Just some thoughts started on The Monkees theme song ;) Yay for the Monkees! haha


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Let's not Forget

Today it is 13 years since 9-11 so I just want to honour those who died during it by reminding anyone who reads my blog about them. Let's not forget their families, either.

God bless America!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Revelation Study

So I noticed some things about Revelation while I was reading it through... this was a while ago....

So to start off, our pastor said he wanted us to read Revelation through three times without looking at anyone's commentary.. just reading it straight from the Bible. After each time we read it, we were told to write a paragraph about what we noticed the most etc... So I will type up my paragraphs and give them with their numbers beside them...

1. What struck me most reading through the first time, was God's anger toward sin. The passages where His anger are poured out are really intense. Also, the ultimate power of Christ as the Lamb. No one else "in heaven or in earth" could open the seals on the document God held. Mostly, the majesty of God and His heaven and His power and glory are what I noticed.

2. On my second time through, I noticed a lot of parallels (they will be listed after the paragraphs..) Mostly the usage of 1260 days (which is the same as 42 months). The symbolism also was a lot more noticeable. It is still difficult to figure out what is symbollic and what isn't, but it's getting easier.

3. I was reading through for the third time, and I realized that a lot of the imagery of like, Kings and such doesn't necessarily refer to actual kingdoms and kings. It's more a grouping of the enemies of God. The imagery is really strong. John wants us to see what he saw and to hear it like he did. The book is definitely organized. Some things that are going to occur at the same time are not all mentioned in the same passages, but you can look and compaare and put a lot together that isn't in the same passage. It really shows how great God's power is and how much He hates sin. It also shows His mercy. When the spirits are crying from under the altar, God says to wait, "until the number of their brethren who would be killed as they were was completed." So really, it's as if He were waiting for more people to accept Him (and be martyred for their faith) Also, when I read what's going to happen to His enemies, I really realize how awesomely merciful He was in saving me. Why me? Just because He wanted to. So it really shows both "sides" of God as it were.

Okay so there are my paragraphs. Now some parallels I noticed (which you can look up) are these:

The times in all these verse are all the same length...

Revelation 11:3, 11:2, 12:6, 13:5

And the number of people standing with the Lamb on Mount Zion is the same as the number of Jewish people sealed (Rev. 14:1 and I can't remember when they're sealed!)

Okay, so other than that, the only other thing I really noticed, was that the plagues when the angels pour out their bowls on the earth are seven of the plagues that plagued Egypt when Israel was going to leave. The only ones not given to the earth are the death of the firstborn, the lice, and the flies. Hail, Fire, Sores, Water to blood (a big amount and then wells and springs in both cases which counts as two separate acts), and then Frogs.. which I find interesting because no, there is not a direct plague of frogs in Revelation, the angel pours out his bowl and the river Euphrates is dried up and three unclean spirits (like frogs) come... so I thought that was really cool. I didn't write this note down yet, so I don't have the references, but if you have a Bible that gives you subjects, then you can find it pretty easily.

So that's all folks! :D Thought it was pretty cool, and it really is a good idea to read through the book a few times, you understand it better each time! :D


Sunday, September 7, 2014


So I've read this (in my opinion) REALLY good book by Lisa Beamer called "Let's Roll". It's about her and her husband (Todd Beamer)'s life together before 9-11 and then her life with their kids afterward. I thought it was a really cool book, showed their faith in God, and was really pretty encouraging to read.

Okay so that's not the only book I'm recommending today.. (hehehe) I also LOOOVE the book "Little Princes" by Connor Grennan. It's a book about this college dude (yes another true story) who decides hes gonna go on a trip around the world having fun. But he wants to justify this whirl of fun so he decides to do three months of helping care for these orphans in Nepal. So the story chronicles his work in Nepal and it's really cool, I'd tell you more except it might ruin the story! I really love it though, and if you have some time you should totally read it :D This one is also encouraging to read, it shows how he came to Christ etc.

So then I have a few 1910's books I love (hehehe) There's a series "Dick Prescott & Co." by H. Irving Hancock which I am reading right now.. They are really fun! and then there is "For the Right" by I can't remember who LOL but that's the title so you can look it up on gutenberg.org

So check out Gutenberg if you like reading oldish books. It's sort of an online library and has all kinds of coolness on it :)



So, all I listen to right now is folkish and vintage (read 40's type) and Christian music. Mostly the latter. So here are my absolute favourite Christian bands! (Pretty much any Scottish or Irish songs I like.. and lots of '40's... I don't really have favourites of those)

There is:

Tenth Avenue North
Matt Redman
For King and Country
Hillsong (all their bands)
Sanctus Real
Newsboys (some of their songs)
LeCrae (don't say it!)
Colton Dixon (love his different voice!)
Francesca Batistelli
David Dunn
Matt Hammitt
Steven Curtis Chapman
The Afters
Young and Free (which I think is part of Hillsong)

Alright, I know you are all thinking.. "Did she just list every Christian singer out there?" (By the way, those were not listed in favourite, but if they were, Tenth Avenue North would still be at the top) Now for a list of my favourite songs from these folks :D

Tenth Avenue North: By Your Side (if I'm forced to chose, but I love them all about the same)
Tobymac: Favourite Song
Matt Redman: Mercy
For King and Country: Fix My Eyes:
Hillsong: I don't know cause I listed all their bands :P
Sanctus Real: Forgiven
Newsboys: We Believe
Kutless: What Faith Can Do
LeCrae: ummmmm don't know! lol
Colton Dixon: More of You
Francesca Batistelli: He Knows My Name
David Dunn: Today Is Beautiful
Matt Hammitt: All My Love
Steven Curtis Chapman: I think it's a tie between "Cinderella" and "Glorious Unfolding"
The Afters: Broken Hallelujah
Young and Free: Alive
Mandisa: Overcomer

There we go! (whew) those were hard! haha

Hope you guys look these people up and their songs (which I love!)


Saturday, September 6, 2014

New Blog

So I realized I have been rambling on random things over at Sewing Room Tales, and decided that.... yeah I know I think up a lot of stuff in my room (which is my sewing room/study room/bedroom) but it sort of almost needs its own thingy. Therefore.....................

Introducing! Ruth's Random Ramblings!!!!!!!! (confetti anyone?)

Okay so now there we go ummm .... This blog is just really for me to post random things like how I have two posts in Sewing Room Tales.. one is about Music and the other is about Books so umm that.. where did that come from with a sewing room???? Oh yes and another on a study of Revelation That's the whole purpose of this blog to contain my random little thingys.... so I will be copying the two (do I have others?) posts from Sewing Room Tales, and adding them here so that I have everything nice and organized.

As an introduction about me, since you may stumble across this and not Sewing Room Tales.....

I am Ruth. I am sixteen years old (as of next week anyhow :P) I am a sister to nine crazy siblings lol I am a writer, a guitarist, a singer, a songwriter, a seamstress, a student, a friend-to-anyone-who-needs-one. How people describe me? Well that would be, dorky, crazy, nutty, funny, silly, sweet, irritating (at times haha hey, I'm trying to be honest here :P) So now on to the important things. I am a Christian, and I believe it is important to make my faith public. So that's why I'm saying it (duh) This blog will definitely reflect that.

So there's my little intro... for my first post, I may post like 3 posts back to back so don't freak out if you see these all say the same day, I probably have not taken time to actually write these tonight they are probably copied from my other blog :P That is if I get around to doing it :P lol