Saturday, September 6, 2014

New Blog

So I realized I have been rambling on random things over at Sewing Room Tales, and decided that.... yeah I know I think up a lot of stuff in my room (which is my sewing room/study room/bedroom) but it sort of almost needs its own thingy. Therefore.....................

Introducing! Ruth's Random Ramblings!!!!!!!! (confetti anyone?)

Okay so now there we go ummm .... This blog is just really for me to post random things like how I have two posts in Sewing Room Tales.. one is about Music and the other is about Books so umm that.. where did that come from with a sewing room???? Oh yes and another on a study of Revelation That's the whole purpose of this blog to contain my random little thingys.... so I will be copying the two (do I have others?) posts from Sewing Room Tales, and adding them here so that I have everything nice and organized.

As an introduction about me, since you may stumble across this and not Sewing Room Tales.....

I am Ruth. I am sixteen years old (as of next week anyhow :P) I am a sister to nine crazy siblings lol I am a writer, a guitarist, a singer, a songwriter, a seamstress, a student, a friend-to-anyone-who-needs-one. How people describe me? Well that would be, dorky, crazy, nutty, funny, silly, sweet, irritating (at times haha hey, I'm trying to be honest here :P) So now on to the important things. I am a Christian, and I believe it is important to make my faith public. So that's why I'm saying it (duh) This blog will definitely reflect that.

So there's my little intro... for my first post, I may post like 3 posts back to back so don't freak out if you see these all say the same day, I probably have not taken time to actually write these tonight they are probably copied from my other blog :P That is if I get around to doing it :P lol