Sunday, November 30, 2014

Prayer Date

This Friday, December 5,  at 8pm some friends and I are going to have an hour or so of prayer for the persecuted church all over the world. We're not going to be gathering anywhere, just doing it at our own places. If you'd like to join us, feel free! If you don't have an entire hour to spare, that'll be fine, too, really I'm calling it an "hour" to make some sense because it will be roughly between 8 and 9. Myself, for instance, I don't know if my mom will need me for anything, but I'll try to put in a good amount of time. At least some time spent in prayer will matter a lot!

I'd love to hear from you if you're going to partake.. if you're not, I'd still love to hear from you! If you have any specific stories you know of that we could pray for, go ahead and comment! I allow anonymous comments :)

Tell your friends!

Love in Christ,

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Vintage Thanksgiving ;)

Happy Thanksgiving, anybody out there on the World-Wide-Web that is reading this! :D I hope you have an awesome day, lots of fun, not too much to eat, watch a good game of football, don't complain, and have lots of people around you who love you! If you don't have family and friends around, well, know that I'm here! I love you, and Jesus loves you, so you're not alone! :)

Of course, because it's vintage
 and WWII
Happy Thanksgiving, again!


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thankful For

It seems to be "the thing" to do right now, to post something about Thanksgiving. I thought I'd try my hand at it before I have to go de-bone the turkey, help with baking and all sorts of other things!

While we're at it, why not just start a sort of blog challenge? Post fifteen, yes I said fifteen things you are grateful for! (I could cheat here and use individual family members, but I won't.. man I could get more than half with that!) Okay so the challenge will be called.... Thankful For... like this post!

1. God. I seriously do not know where I would be if I didn't know God was real and that Jesus came and died for me. I would be soo stressed so often!

2. Music. Both to listen to and to worship with... I love music!

3. Family. Sort of goes without saying! We irritate each other sometimes, but we're always there for each other when we're most needed!

4. My Pastor. He's really cool and encouraging, has an awesome family, shows us things from the Bible that we may not have noticed and is just all around really awesome!

5. My Pastor's wife. She's so sweet and caring, it's soothing just to see her! She's so motherly to everybody, too!

6. My ex-youth leader. Also a sort of mentor, best friend, all around awesome adviser! She really has helped me in the past year so much! She's a great Christian, really inspiring and motivating. She's such a good example!

7. My youth leader and worship pastor. He's so awesome! He's fun, he's serious, he's wise, he has an awesome wife and family! Best of all, he calls on us to live seriously and think about what life is really about!

8. Friends. Friends are just so awesome, aren't they? I don't have an exorbitant amount, but the ones I have care about me and that's what matters! You can ask them to help you with things, to pray for you, to pray with you, and generally rely on them! I love my friends!

9. Theresa. She's sooo sweet! She's so caring! She is soo soo sooo loving and wonderful! (and talented!) I can have awesome conversations with her for hours and hours and we never run out of stuff to say!

10. Bascha. She's like, the second Theresa! Caring, loving, wonderful, talented, awesome to talk to! We can go on for hours, too! She's so sweet!

11. America. Yup, proud to be an American! I'm thankful to God our country is like it is! It has its faults, but every country does, and if I have to chose, I definitely pick America!

12. Our armed forces. All the branches! Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, National Guard! God bless and keep them all!

13. Books. I love reading :P I read so many books it would make your head spin. I'm not the kind that quietly picks up a novel and sits there quietly under a tree wrapped in the realms of fantasy. No.. I sit here, reading books online (because I read so many books its not worth it to buy them :P) and every now and then you will here a rather loud giggle.... hehehe Then, after like four hours of reading, somebody will come up and be like, are you finished that book? Me: "I'm halfway" Them: "You were halfway about an hour ago!" Me: "Oh yeah, that was the one right before this" I go on reading binges! hahaha

14. Spaghetti. I love spaghetti! It's de-li-cious!

15. Movies. Especially old time movies. I love to watch old movies!

Okay, folks! That's all! Not everything I'm grateful for, but if I started listing more, it would get really basic, like, beds, houses... stuff like that! hahaha

I'm going to call on Theresa from TMarie and Olivia from Fresh Modesty, though I'm guessing she's already going to do something of the sort, to take the Thankful For blog challenge! Get creative, girls! If you can't write a post, I understand, but I think it would be lots of fun!


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Five Minute Journal

This is a little thing my youth leader introduced me to at youth camp. I have to admit I don't do it every day. I did for a while but then got so ridiculously busy.. or sidetracked.. or whatever. :D So here's the layout!

Morning ------

Grateful for: 1.

What would make today great:  1.

Daily affirmation ----

Evening -------------

Awesome things that happened: 1.

Things I could have done better: 1.

There ya have it! I just copy it out in pen in my notebook when I actually do it ;)

Love and prayers!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thoughts: Perfect Plans

Ever had stuff planned out, anticipated and looking awesome, then all of a sudden the opposing left-ender comes and crashes into your whole beautiful play? (Sorry, I've been reading old books with football accounts in them :D)

When that happens, well, now your whole play is destroyed, obviously its been figured out or they wouldn't have sent their left-end in. So now, you're nervous, maybe freaking out, confused, not sure what will come next, right?

But stop! Relax! You're not the coach or the captain. They've got a plan that will pilot you through the game with a good showing! It's all been planned out. So stop worrying, right?

There we go. Listen to the Captain. He knows his business. He knows the perfect plan! Possibly my favourite Bible verse ever... "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God: Those who are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veteran's Day

Today is Veterans' Day. It's a day we remember the people who have served through the military for our country. I am proud of everyone who has made the decision to sacrifice a peaceful civilian life to an uncertain military career. I'm proud to know some of them personally.

So I want to say "thank you" to all who serve our country or have served. Also a big thank you to their supportive families. Thank you for being willing to risk your life for our country. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm proud to be an American. Thanks to you, I can be one. God bless America, and as I recently saw on a bumper sticker, America, bless God! Without Him we would be nothing.

Love and prayers!


Monday, November 10, 2014

Thoughts: Gods Will vs My Will

Okay so I'm changing the title of my little random series. Because the other way sounds... I don't know, not as nice? :D So I've changed the title to it :)

Okay. Here we go.

Do you know the traditional way of ending a prayer? The "Thy will be done. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen."? It suddenly struck me last night while I was falling asleep that there should not be a difference between my will and God's. They should be the same. I should will what God wills. Right? Obviously His will is perfect. He can't will anything bad so shouldn't they be one in the same? Shouldn't I will for everything to be perfect just as He does? Shouldn't I follow Him and love Him and so want things to be how He wants them that my will is the same as His? I think it should. I wish my will would always be the same as His. I mean, once I know what God's will is, I'm like, "Okay awesome let's do this".. most of the time. But I wish it were such that I wouldn't wish anything except what He wanted. Too bad we're not perfect. It would save a lot of time hoping and wishing for things that might never happen simply because that's not what's best for us.

So, let's try to be of such a spirit of joy in God's will and joyful submission to it, that we can truly say, it isn't God's will versus mine. It's one in the same. Wouldn't that be great? Let's try to have the same vision as God. I'm sure it will help us to hear His voice better, as well.

Okay I realize I'm posting this kind of late and that I'm tired. If any of these sentences didn't quite fit together... just try to rearrange them in your head. I'm sure they all make sense, just not sure about the order they come in. I'm tired... I stayed up kind of late on the weekend and didn't go to bed early last night and now it looks like I won't get to bed early tonight either. Oh well. :D At least I gave you something to think about?

Love and prayers. As always you can comment and ask for any kind of prayer you may be needing. Keep me in your prayers, too, please!


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thoughts: Daydreaming

Alright, new series ... I guess? I have no schedules for when I will post a new "I'm Getting a Clue", but whenever an idea strikes me I can post under this series.

I haven't come to share my daydreams with you, don't worry. But I'm going to talk about the affects daydreaming can have on us and definitely does have on me!

When I daydream (and I try very hard not to), it's usually a take on what could someday happen. I get really into, "Oh that would be so great if it did" and when it doesn't (I don't believe anything has ever gone how my daydreams go...) I feel like, "How bum. It could have been so much better."

So you might be thinking, "Well, so what? What's wrong with wishing things would go differently?"

"Be content with such things as you have." Remember that verse? I do. That's why I now try not to daydream. It's too easy to grow discontent.

Another reason, is it can draw our thoughts away from today. Living for today, doing right today.

Personally, I've found it a good idea to just steer clear of daydreams :D They do me more harm than good. It can be very hard, and some things aren't really distracting like others, so sometimes I don't mind, but I generally try not to. It's extremely hard for someone with a creative brain like mine :P

Hope this gives you something to think about!

As always, praying for my readers!