Monday, January 12, 2015

Just Random

So other than not remembering what song it is that I recently found out I really like... I've also forgotten every line to a song we sang at Church on Sunday! lol (I really liked that song, too, by the way...)

Other than that, though, life's been pretty good. It was awesome to get a chance to go to Church and 2Twenty2 (my youth group) yesterday! :D

We interrupt this message to announce... I remembered the song!!!!!! It's "Just Be Held" by Casting Crowns.. really nice song

I got to catch up with some people from Church, which was definitely awesome! (Catch up for me pretty much means.. "Oh they're here! Awesome!") But hey, that's what really caring and loving people is right? Just seeing them is awesome? I think so! :D

Sewing update includes.. I think I've figured out sleeves for my costume.... however I will have to sew the other one on before I know, and that just isn't going to happen soon cause my room is torn up. My two sisters just went up to college so some rooms were swapped and now my closet's getting a much needed makeover. No room in my "room"... :/

I'm starting back in writing some stuff.. I realize I am in the middle of like five books right now... but I'm writing a new book (that really is a plot/started from like two years ago) about a Confederate guerrilla band in the Civil War. I'm also supposedly working on a 1910's storyline.. as well as a 1930's mock of Nancy Drew. So we'll see how far that goes.

Music wise, I'm trying to find some songs to learn still. I've got "Jesus Paid it All" by Christ Tomlin, "May It Be" which I found out is a Lord of the Rings song.. Never seen any of the movies. "Lucky" by Jason Mraz, and "Star of the County Down" as a maybe.. it's an Irish traditional song :D I still need ideas! Lemme know! :D

One of my goals for 2015 (I do realize I made a post on resolutions :P) is to get into the habit of spending random time with my Bible and prayer list. Cause right now, we have a scheduled time in the day we have to read, but I want to be doing it even when I don't "have" to, you know? I feel like it'll be a good habit to get into so.. that's that.

I'm also reading "The Eloquent President" can't remember right now who wrote it, but it's pretty good. It's about Lincoln's speeches. Then I'm trying to write an essay entitled, "The American Civil War: Nation Building or Destruction?" Which, in true fashion, I will probably turn into a mini history book....................... I know.. I know...

Well that's that! :D

Love and prayers,


Thursday, January 8, 2015

This Week's Question: What Can Faith Do?

This is very late, and I realize that :/ However, "better late than never". Question is inspired by Kutless (LOVE THAT BAND) "What Faith Can Do". Awesome song, by the way, go listen to it :)

Recently I read a book by "Brother Andrew" called "Secret Believers". It's about Christian believers over in Islamic countries. Obviously, he did not give actual names or places... that would be too dangerous, but the stories are real, and they're sad. They're inhumane, they're (in my case) angering, and they're inspiring! Basically it's telling how there are some radical moslems that really mistreat people of other religions, not only Christians, either!

My reactions to the book were... man did I really want to read that? Radical Islam is really EVIL! Those Christians over there are really strong! Could I do that if I were in their shoes? and.. anger toward people that persecute our brothers and sisters. Looking back now on those reactions I'm figuring that, yes I not only wanted to, but needed to read it. Yes, radical Islam is very evil! Yup, those Christians are very strong. Yes, because Jesus would help me be strong. and... I'm still called to be forgiving.

Right now there is a lot of anger and hatred toward Moslems, especially terrorist Moslems. But did Jesus hate the Jews and the Romans when they tortured, persecuted, and killed Him? No. He said, "Father forgive them, they know not what they do." and what do we see? His prayer was answered immediately. The centurion was saved directly after Jesus' death. "Truly, this was the son of God!" He acknowledged Jesus as Lord! Jesus' faith in His Father's promises saved that centurion, and us too, really! :)

The Bible says when God looks on us, and listens to us, He is looking on, and listening to Jesus, because Jesus makes intercession for us. Faith can do anything. Faith can bring us from darkness to light, from death to life, from sin to righteousness, from hell to heaven, from hate to love, from anger to peace, from condemnation to forgiveness, from satan to God. Why don't we pray for these miracles? Is our faith too small? Paul writes that "To God, who is able to do far more than you ask". He can do more than delivering our brothers and sisters, He can forgive their persecutors as well! Jesus doesn't hate people, He hates sin. If we turn from our sin to Him, He immediately accepts us! Why don't we pray for terrorists of all types, Moslem or otherwise!

A few months? weeks? ago, I tried to organize a prayer night.. not sure how many people actually took part, and I actually fell asleep for part of it.. (no better than the original apostles I'm afraid!) But you know, persecution wasn't as real to me then as it is now. I mean, that book really gets you into how this goes, and it's scary, horrific, violent, and sad.

So.. the point? Faith can do ANYTHING! Forgiveness is called for! There is forgiveness, no matter what you've done! and last of all, I love everyone! Jesus loves you and you've hurt Him, spurned Him, and sinned against Him more than you ever could against me! I have no right to hold anger and hatred against anyone when I have been forgiven so many things and kept from doing others that I would have regretted!

Love and prayers,

P.S. If you're interested in another prayer night, feel free to comment and let me know! :) Oh, and side note, if you're under sixteen, I do not recommend reading "Secret Believers".