Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thoughts: Daydreaming

Alright, new series ... I guess? I have no schedules for when I will post a new "I'm Getting a Clue", but whenever an idea strikes me I can post under this series.

I haven't come to share my daydreams with you, don't worry. But I'm going to talk about the affects daydreaming can have on us and definitely does have on me!

When I daydream (and I try very hard not to), it's usually a take on what could someday happen. I get really into, "Oh that would be so great if it did" and when it doesn't (I don't believe anything has ever gone how my daydreams go...) I feel like, "How bum. It could have been so much better."

So you might be thinking, "Well, so what? What's wrong with wishing things would go differently?"

"Be content with such things as you have." Remember that verse? I do. That's why I now try not to daydream. It's too easy to grow discontent.

Another reason, is it can draw our thoughts away from today. Living for today, doing right today.

Personally, I've found it a good idea to just steer clear of daydreams :D They do me more harm than good. It can be very hard, and some things aren't really distracting like others, so sometimes I don't mind, but I generally try not to. It's extremely hard for someone with a creative brain like mine :P

Hope this gives you something to think about!

As always, praying for my readers!


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