Monday, March 9, 2015

This Week's Question: Is My Friendliness Unfriendly?

..."But how can that be?!" you're probably asking. But.. well, it can be. Take it from me, I know! ;)

I am so friendly, that I inconsiderately don't think about how somebody else may not want to talk/hang as much as me. Being inconsiderate of others, is unloving; even if that inconsiderateness is caused by a want to be with someone.

I am personally aware of this. More than once I have been overpoweringly into talking to someone and it fries their circuits. Big time! Not everybody likes to talk as much as me. Some people dont like to talk as much as me, and I should be considerate of that because love thinks of other people, not just myself.

I've always loved socializing. Strange that I can be so shy when I first meet people, or am around strange people.

I need to find a balance. Everything in life should be balanced (Read Ecclesiastes for further knowledge on this subject!) including my talking. I need to figure out what is a good time, and what is overdone, and what is too little. I'm working on it!

Thankfully for me, I have some very loving friends! :) They're putting up with me while I figure it all out. I thank God continually for my sweet friends! They're all wonderful, loving, caring, patient, and best of all, Christians! So we really are more than just friends, we're siblings!


P.S. Sorry I didn't have a direct Bible passage for this week's question, but I wanted to mention this cause it is an issue for me, and I'm sure for other talkative/sociable/outgoing people.

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