Monday, March 2, 2015

This Week's Question: Am I Helping Those Who Are Weaker?

So, in case you didn't know, I've become a co-authoress on a potentially extremely interesting/crazy/awesome blog.. Girls Living For God's Glory  It's going to be a sort of fashion/talks/random blog.

I've chosen to keep out of the fashion aspect of it. Why? Here's where I tie in this week's question.

I happen to be more liberal than a lot of girls who are concerned about modesty. Don't get me wrong, modesty is a huge aspect of my life! Not to mention a great trial to me... I absolutely hate buying a shirt and getting it home just to find that it is waaay too see-through. Or.. to buy a pair of pants and find out they are way too tight! However, I feel comfortable in some things I know some girls wouldn't. For instance, I wear jeans. Not loose fitting jeans, but not skin tight either. I don't always completely cover my hips, because I don't feel it's necessary for me. A lot of girls I know always completely cover their hips if they wear pants. Or, I may feel comfortable in a skirt a little above knee-length, while another girl might not.

This is why I have chosen to keep off of modesty topics on our new blog. I'm pretty sure I'm the oldest writer, and the others being younger than me, I don't want to make them question what their parents have decided, or to make them feel I am not modest. I want to be a good example. Paul put it very well when he said, (and though he is speaking about food and drink, I believe it carries over to other things not clearly stated in the New Testament, as well) "I know and am convinced by the Lord Jesus that there is nothing unclean of itself; but to him who considers anything to be unclean, to him it is unclean.... Yet if your brother is grieved because of your food, you are no longer walking in love. Do not destroy with your food the one for whom Christ died." (Romans 14:14-17)

Like I said, I believe this passage can be opened up to mean anything not clearly laid out in the New Testament. For instance, modesty. Modesty is never laid out with.. "how long can my skirt be" "How tight can my pants be" Matter of fact, pants didn't even exist back then. All the Bible ever clearly states, is that we are not to put a stumbling block before each other (see verses right before the passage I just typed), and that we are not to appear as harlots.

I have to say, sometimes I reeeally wish it was spelled out clearly in the Bible, but I guess it's one of those things everybody has to figure out for themselves. Some things are flat out immodest, while others are.. meh on you it's alright.

So, in order that I not make anyone question their modesty parameters laid out by their parents, I will abstain from posting any fashion posts on our new blog :) Not a huge issue for me anyway, because I'm not that crazy about fashion posts anyway. I love when other girls do them, for me.. I don't know, not that interesting!

To sum up... I should always go the road that will be a good example to others. I should, when in company of people I know do not feel comfortable with some things, do things their way, even if it puts me out. That is love.

I hope this post made sense... :D I never know if they do until you guys comment! SO.. leave lots of comments!

Love and prayers,


  1. :) Thanks, Maggie! Sending you an email! xD

  2. Great post Ruth! Thanks for telling everyone about our blog!