Saturday, March 21, 2015

How Far I've Gotten On My New Year's Resolutions

Shall we start from the top?

  1. Try not to talk peoples' ears off. I'd say I'm working on it. Getting better, obviously cause now my pastor's son doesn't hate talking to me! :D
  2. Think about what I'm saying. Is there a point, could it hurt someone's feelings? Getting better at this, too, though sometimes I still think a second too late :/ Thankfully I don't think I've hurt anyone's feelings yet. 
  3. Try to find out what on earth I'm doing/want to do with my life. I think I've narrowed it down to a general purpose. Encourage people. This looks like its consisting of a degree in nursing and possibly a minor in music. What I plan to do with that pretty much is help veterans and military personnel :D
  4. Practice singing a lot. I'd say I've done this! haha I've been writing songs, too, if you follow me on Google+ you may have seen my latest "You Will Be With Me" I'm currently working on a better recording and rewriting the chord progression.
  5. Get my hair healthy. I am proud to say that instead of being put at 0 on a scale of 1-10, I am now at a 5 :D
  6. Workout. Yeah I've been doing this too :D
  7. Sense when people want help, or need to talk about what they're going through. Yeah, this one has happened already. I've accomplished this one.
  8. Keep up with my "This Week's Question" series. Yup. As you can see! :D
  9. Finish my costume. It's finished folks!
  10. Bring my grades up. I actually am. YAY! lol As well as adding Advanced Biology which seems like I'm going to be able to do well in!
Maybe I should make a new list of resolutions? My quarter resolutions maybe! :D

  1. Learn the technicalities of music. I really need this for my songwriting.
  2. Write five songs (please remember this is for the next quarter of the year) good enough to send to my actual pro music friends lol
  3. Make a thousand dollars (personally) in fundraisers for my youth to go to camp! :D Can't wait this is going to be so fun! And really, I don't see how this is going to happen. But.. this is sort of a... I'm hoping God will help me make this much! Going to ask Him to! It's gonna be cool.
  4. Form a game plan for helping veterans in my area. I'm really hoping to do this soon.
  5. Get A's in my Advanced Biology and Advanced Mathematics!
Okay, I think that's good for a quarter? Three months? Yeah, I think I can do that! :D Have to be realistic with resolutions, you know ;)

Let me know what ya think!