Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Girls' Meetup and Flowers

So.. last Thursday, my really sweet, really awesome, really fun girlfriends from Charlotte came up and paid me a visit!

Left to right is: Ann Marie, Yours truly, Theresa, Bascha, and Caroline

YAY! We had a blast. We made fans, we talked, we joked, we giggled, and we laughed (so much that Bascha's mom thought the glue fumes got to us! But we had the window open so it wasn't that)

Theresa looking very pretty :) Her fan is very period looking!

We went outside and we fed baby goats (Theresa insisted on staying indoors due to not wanting to get dirty! :O What kind of country girl are you Theresa?!)

Bascha with my adorable "Anthem"

Then we went back inside and worked on fans again.. giggled some more.. sang some.. played music.. generally talked about what we had been up to. We only get together like twice a year, so it's always an amazingly fun time when we do get together!

Left to right: Caroline, Ann Marie, Me, Bascha, and Theresa

We had such a fun time! It was rainy and chilly, but still definitely Spring! It was awesome!

Now, in the spirit of spring, I have some pictures for you!

Lots of fun and Spring. And now its homework hour so I have to go!



  1. aw :) I love the picture of Bascha with Anthem :D so cute :) I had a great time with you Ruth! And I can't wait for the ball!!!!! (nice flower pics too)

    1. I know, I love that picture, too! Yes, I had a blast, too! ME EITHER!


  2. Awwhh I loved being there with you guys! I had an amazing time as well! Everyone's fans looked great. ;)We definitely need to plan another day together. Love you both!

    1. Yes, it was so great having you, Bascha! I'm happy with mine, now! It looked better after it dried ;) Yes! We really need to have more get-togethers :D Love you!