Saturday, April 18, 2015

Thoughts: Neglect

So, I don't know if you've ever had this problem or been aware of it, but I have seen a lot of neglect in the Christian community.

Let's start with youth groups. Let's actually take a small youth group, with nobody that even acts up, and go there. So, we see the youth leader at the door. "Hey!" he says, "Good to see you this week!" You smile and say hey back. Then he tells you everybody's in the chapel. Cool, let's go see them. We walk in the chapel. There's the girls, Mary, Anna, Katy, Jodi, all in a group. They're talking away. Fun! The girls are talking! Let's go join. "Hey, Anna!" we greet them, very pleasantly with a smile that says, "I'm glad to see you today!" "Hey! I like your shirt." "Thanks, I got it at the thrift store for three dollars." "Really? Awesome!" Anna turns back into the circle without opening to make room for us.

Okay, guess they must be busy right now. Oh! There's John and David and- oh! Daniel came today, too! Let's go say hi! "Hey guys!" "Hey! I didn't see you in church this morning." "No, I couldn't make it. Didn't have a ride." "Oh. Okay. Oh, I know right, John? So true! hahaha" David turns around and closes us out of the circle too. Fine, I guess everybody's busy. Let's go be a wallflower. Maybe after a while somebody will come over to talk.

Tick tick tick tick tick. "Guys!" says the youth pastor, "Let's all grab a seat and stand to sing!"

We really did just go that entire time with nobody talking to us. Seriously. Now, maybe everybody was just busy this week. No. Every Sunday. Every time. Nobody is ever more than polite to us.

Don't believe me that it goes that way? Believe me. Apparently it all depends if you're in their "circles" or not . This is so wrong. Some kids are hungry for friendships and love. There's a reason that the church is described as a family. You know the, "brothers" and all? Do we really just go around all day only be barely polite to our siblings? This is neglecting one another and should not be done. It's hurtful. It makes people feel unloved and not wanted.

We need to remember to encourage, love, and support one another. We need to remember to reach out to those who may  not be so popular. We need to love more. Neglect is not right. God takes us, no matter how dweeby, dorky, or funny we are. We should accept each other as He does.


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