Monday, April 13, 2015

This Week's Question: What Does Love Look Like?

I've done a post on love and how it doesn't always mean romance etc. a few months ago. (Valentine's day) Today, though, I want to point out what love looks like.

Love isn't girls telling each other they look "so cute!" Love isn't giving people hugs. Love isn't seeing someone every day. Love isn't talking to someone all the time. Love isn't agreeing on everything. Love isn't never arguing.

Love is encouraging people. Love is, not seeing someone all the time, but still being close. Love is, not talking all the time, but being quieted and happy just knowing you're there. Love is, not agreeing on everything, but still loving and caring. Love is arguing, (even though we shouldn't because no one is perfect...) but being able to forgive. Love is being there for someone. Love is telling them "it's okay". Love is knowing, even without the person telling you, that they care, that they love you.

Believe me, I know this from experience. I have some awesome friends! :D They put up with my very many quirks ;) Because, believe it or not, I have many quirks about me :D

Well, I hope this helps you see what real love should look like! Forgiveness, support, encouragement, care, forgiveness.


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