Monday, February 9, 2015

This Week's Question: Where Is My Focus?

So... for a start.. My prayer/thoughts last week were answered! :O I shared with a person I knew that I was a Christian and helped him to realize that he hadn't lost his faith! It was so cool! I was so thrilled and he was so pumped! So yeah. That was awesome!

Now for this week's question. Where is my focus? I focus on a lot of things that aren't God, but I need to remind myself that my ultimate focus should be God. A lot of girls, including me, look forward to the day when they will have a family to care for and nurture. If you're a guy, you may look forward to leading your family and having the love and security that your own family affords. But even when we do look forward to these things, our ultimate goal when we do have a family, should be to honour God and to train up witnesses for Him, right? Part of our excitement for having a family should be that. Thankfully, part of my excitement always has been having an awesome Christian family and relationship that can be an example, like my awesome mentor's family! I love their family and they always are such a good example to me it's awesome!

So through all we do, let us fix our eyes on God, eh? :) It's what we are called to, what we were made to do, and what we should be doing!

That reminds me of a song! Go listen to "Fix My Eyes" by For King and Country. Love them!

Love and prayers,

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