Wednesday, October 8, 2014

l Haven't a Clue what I'm talking About...

... meaning I don't know WHY I'm talking about it.

You know, it's really awesome being a Christian. Since I've steadily become more serious about it over the last year, it's really been cool seeing the way I've been learning things/being shown things by the Holy Spirit. I've found that my greatest comfort has been knowing God has a plan and that it is perfect. I know some people are probably like... comfort in what? I'll be the first to say, my life is extremely easy, nice, filled with love from my family and friends. I do, though, tend to worry about my future. I'm rather flighty minded so I'm not too good with sciences so sometimes I worry I won't get into college (I'm a music major hopeful) sometimes I get scared like, what  if nobody ever wants to marry me. That's like every girl's dream isn't it? Sometimes I might want something right now... But always, no matter what the thing is that I want or worry about, I can know that it quite obviously isn't time for that right now or I would have it. I can know that my future is going to be the absolute best it could be even if I don't get a degree in music, or don't get married. 'God works all things together for good to those who are called according to His purpose.'

It also makes life and following God a great adventure because I don't know  what is around the bend, but I know it will ultimately all be best for me, because God loves me and only wants the best for me.



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