Monday, October 27, 2014

Today's Question: Why Do We Put Ourselves Down?

Let's start by my saying.. I am so puffed up this isn't much of a problem with me ;) Actually, I don't think I'm too puffed up lol I wouldn't say I'm puffed up but others might :D

Okay, but this isn't so much a question post as it is me saying, "Stop putting yourself down! Is God putting you down? No! So why should you?" My great-grandmother, God rest her, used to say, "Don't put yourself down. There will be plenty of people in the world trying to do that without you adding to it."

You feel worthless? God is telling you that you are worth something! He loves you and that alone is enough to make you worth something! God is telling you you have worth. Who are you to say "No I don't." He's given you worth with His own blood! Saying you're not worth it is the same as saying His life wasn't worth it! You were counted worth His blood! You're going to tell me you're not worth my love when you were worth God's?! I see something wrong with that picture! It is in essence saying that God is wrong.... Whoah.

Let me just add, even if you aren't saved and are reading this, God still does count you worth His death. It's not too late to accept His sacrifice. As a matter of fact, let me just say, if you haven't accepted Jesus, how dare you turn your back on such a gift from God! Do you know that's the same thing as saying, "I don't care that somebody sacrificed His only son that way I wouldn't die." Can you imagine not being grateful to somebody when a criminal was about to shoot you (or harm you in some other way) and they bodily threw themselves in front of you and were shot (or beaten) to death? And Jesus' death was even more painful. I can't imagine not being grateful!

Okay that was rather rambling, I hope it made sense. Hey, there's a reason for this blog's title right? :D

No song reference today, I'm sorry, unless you want to google "Mercy" by Matt Redman (love that artist, by the way!)

Love and prayers,

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