Sunday, October 26, 2014

Today's Question: Do I Really Want God?

Don't freak out about the title. I know all Christians are like, "Yes! Of course I want God!" But to understand what I mean, we need to look deeper into this question.

So, let's say, yeah of course you want God right? Okay. But do you always want God? You want Him to work in your life and to give you strength and faith, right? But do you want Him to say "No" when you want a "Yes"? Don't you frequently have that feeling? that, "but  why not?" when God says "No"?  I used to have that like.. all the time! haha I used to get pretty disappointed. Now that I've been thinking more about, "All things work together for good", I have a lot more peace.

For instance, today I wanted to go to Youth, but my mom's tired so she doesn't want to drive me. I don't drive so I can't go. ....A year ago I would have been sour for about an hour and a half! lol Today I was like..... okay, I'm disappointed but, okay.

Some other things I have really wanted in life, but, at least for now, it isn't God's plan, so that verse can really be a life saver! Well I guess so! After all, it was given to us by the Lifesaver, right? :)

This post was kind of inspired by "Completely" by Among the Thirsty. I love that song so much. It's about giving yourself completely to God. Go ahead and google the lyrics! :)

I hope we all really want God!