Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Today's Question: Why Do I Still Hold On?

I hold on to a lot of things. I do. It's hard for me to let go of so many things! Friends... that is something extremely hard for me to let go of. I am *cough* too loyal.

What we need to be doing is accepting what God is showing us, however it is that he shows us. If God shows me that certain "friends" are not desirable, I need to listen to His voice and break off my relationship with them. If He shows me that something I really wanted is not in His plan for me, I need to humbly submit to His perfect guidance.

I mean, why not submit?! He has my good in mind and is planning a perfect life for me! The most perfect life that could be designed for me! Why am I still holding on?

We need to let go of things. This world is too trivial compared with the next to let things in this life ruin our next life. Let's look to the final prize instead of these pennies scattered along our trail. Let us "forget those things which are behind, press on toward the prize" along with St. Paul.

We can do this through Christ who strengthens us!

Love and prayers,

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