Monday, October 20, 2014

Today's Question: "Am I Just Getting By"

Song title by Tenth Avenue North :D Love that band! They have so many good songs!

So... Today's Question (new series I'm going to do on here! :D) I think it's a good question to ask ourselves occasionally. Am I just getting by? Well... I know a lot of the time that's all I'm doing. But we need to be doing more. We being humans, especially those of us who are Christians. We should have a mission to fulfill. We should be actively working to help make our surroundings better. We should be fueled by something, and that fuel needs to be God's Spirit awake in our hearts.

So umm in summary....

Let us stop just living and become alive. Let's pull together, nearer to each other to strengthen each of us in our work. (Anybody need a reference to No Man is An Island by Tenth Avenue North?) We need to drop our petty quarrels and disagreements and draw together as one!

We can do this!


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