Thursday, December 11, 2014

Reality vs Our Dreams

I forget exactly what it was that made me start thinking about this. I know part of it was a song by Casting Crowns entitled, "Broken Together". Pretty much, the song is about a husband and wife that were arguing, and now he's saying that neither of them can be perfect, so can't they just be "broken together".

Media puts a lot of stuff out about happily ever after. Books... movies.. A lot of people have this idea that after they find their special someone, life is going to be beautiful. Well, no. Sorry to say, it isn't. Instead of having your own issues to deal with, you now have your spouse's too. And, heads up, no human is perfect, not even your dreamboat.

I'm afraid a lot of girls get caught up in daydreams about that awesome someday. They think it will be wonderful, to have somebody that loves them "perfectly." Well, sorry to tell you, nobody loves perfectly except God. It's a shame, but its the way it is. There is sin and nobody is sin free except Jesus, who is God.

Life only gets more complicated. It won't get easier, it's going to get tougher. Don't disillusion yourself. You'll never have life in control, because God controls life. All you can do is to put your trust in God and follow Him as well as you know how.

Now you're probably wondering, "What was the point in this post?" I really don't know. I just thought about it a bit and was like, you know what..... I don't even know if any of my readers have a flawed view of their future life. I just felt as if I aught to do a post. A lot of girls struggle with their daydreams and life not turning out as they had hoped. But just remember this, if God makes it happen, and you're a follower of Jesus, it will be what's best for you, whether you understand why in this life or not. It will ultimately be for your good. That could very well mean your spiritual good, and you may never know until you get to heaven, that is why we have to live by Faith.

So, I hope this encouraged you! It was a really random post, but hey, I thought of it so I posted it right?



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