Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

Since this morning, I have a few updates!

First.. I got like six inches off my hair.. and layers cut in. My hair was all the way down to my butt... and now its just below my shoulder blades at the very longest point.. I freaked out a little when I got home and saw how much had come off. However, it is now a lot healthier looking and I'm sure it will be easier to bring it back to life with less of it to worry about right? :)

Second.. I don't really have a list of new year's resolutions... however.. I shall attempt to make one right now *Deep Breath*

1. Try to not talk people's ears off
2. Try to think about what I'm about to say. Is there a point? Could it hurt someone's feelings?
3. Try to sort out what on earth I'm doing/want to do with my life
4. Practice singing A LOT
5. (you saw this one coming) Get my hair healthy
6. workout
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Have a great 2015!
7. Sense when people need to talk or want help with something they're going through. Yeah, this might be the hardest...
8. Keep up with my "This Week's Question" series I just started.
9. Finish my costume (which really has to be accomplished before April.. I'm throwing this in here so I can be like, "YES! I FINISHED A NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION!" haha)
10. Bring my grades up.. I hope

This of course didn't include the very obvious "Be a better Christian!" haha

Alright, thirdly... I am still trying to find songs to learn, people! I think I may start a new series on songs I like.. yes I'm that into music... Suggestions are greatly appreciated :)


Two posts in one day................................................ Does that make up for not posting much or make it worse?????


  1. You cut your hair?!?! I can't wait to see what it looks like! I am sure it looks great!

    1. I hope I can make it this Sunday! :O I certainly hope I can! And yeah, I think it does, too! It can finally wave!

    2. LOL just found out I won't be there :/ Very sad....