Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Judgement vs Loving Concern

I think we've all heard "Don't judge me" before right? They say, "God is love" and quote all the "Judge not that ye be not judged" verses don't they?

But have you ever heard someone in that frame of mind quote Matthew 18:15-17? It's all about confronting your brother with his sins. Look it up if you want.

So people might be like, but we're forgiven, just because I make a mess-up does not mean you should start "judging me". The point is, showing someone their sin is not judging. Your motive in pointing out a sin you've noticed in a friend should be so they can fix it so they show a better image of Christ to the unsaved world. That is not judgement. That is lovingly showing them how they should be doing things.

I try to do it lovingly, but it seems it never comes off right. Maybe we should make more of a point to always love.  My point in doing this post, was pretty much just to point out the difference between loving reminders and judgement. Judgement is reserved for God to give.

Also, when we're on the receiving line of reminders, we need to remember to be gracious and to think seriously about what the person is telling us. Even if you don't think you're the way they're saying, if you think deeply enough, there may be something to what they're saying!

So let's not judge. Let's have loving concern for each other as brothers and sisters!